I Would Rather Die than Lie *

I Would Rather Die than Lie *

Long, long ago I read Fair Sunshine: Martyrs in the Early Scottish Church, which chronicles the martyrdom of 17th century Scottish believers; among whom was John Nisbet. When authorities promised to spare John’s life if he would deny his faith, he offered this bold...

Psalm 5 – I Groan That You Will Hear

“There are two sorts of prayers—those expressed in words, and the unuttered longings which abide as silent meditations… David, we observe, uses both modes of prayer, and craves for the one a hearing, and for the other a consideration. What an expressive word!...

Psalm 4 – In Peace I Will Lie Down

“Sweet Evening Hymn! [The psalmist says] I shall not sit up to watch through fear, but I will lie down; and then I will not lie awake listening to every rustling sound, but I will lie down in peace and sleep, for I have [nothing] to fear…Better than bolts or bars is...
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