Dream Projects

The Communion Truce: How Holy Communion Addresses Our Unholy Conflicts

This is a mini-book I’ve written to be published by Gospel-Centered Discipleship ministry. It will show how God intends the Lord’s Supper to be a frequent reconciliation exercise; a much-needed antidote to the disunity and conflict in the Church today. Currently in my editors’ hands, The Communion Truce is due out this fall, 2022.

    Respect the Image (for Kids)

    We are in discussions about releasing a children’s 13-lesson curriculum based on Respect the Image. This will target for kids around 8-14+/-. The hope is that it would serve families well. It would make a very good family devotions study, not to mention content for home school kids, Sunday School/Children’s ministry, and the like.


    Windchasers and Worshipers: The Quest for Significance

    The goal of Wind-Chasers and Worshipers: A Quest for Significance would be to present and contextualize Ecclesiastes in a way that responds directly to the seductive vanity of our world. Rooted in the ancient text, but full of vivid contemporary illustrations and discussion questions, the book would serve well to expose the cravings of each human heart, to address inclinations of various generations and cultures, and to give this and the next generation core biblical world-view answers to life’s biggest questions.

    With chapter titles like Chasing the Wind, The Trouble with Whyning, In Search of the Eternal Buzz, Shark Tank Madness, Religioso Rigormortis, What Mirrors Won’t Tell, Echoes of Eternity, Mysterium Tremendum, Who’s the Boss?, and Glimpses of Eden, the book would appeal across generational lines and meet younger and older people alike, right at the places where their world may be tempting and/or their faith may be teetering.

    A Communication Trilogy

    I dream, too, of a trilogy about biblical communication principles that will show how to interact with one another, speak about beautiful and holy things, and relate across the racial lines that divide.  If the Lord wills, each of these will equip people young and old to utilize ear and tongue for loving, respectful, and holy purposes. The first in the trilogy is already published (see above). The latter two are very much outlined in my mind and heart, and await God’s timing, if they prove to be his will.

    • Respect the Image: Reflecting Human Worth in How We Listen and talk (P&R Publishing)
    • Restore the Sacred: Celebrating the Holy and Beautiful in a Fallen and Profane World
    • Reclaim the Vision: Elevating Our Discourse and Respect across the Racial Divide