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My primary ministry responsibility and privilege is to serve our local church family, Risen Hope Church. But as stated elsewhere, with the blessing of my fellow RHC elders, I believe God wants me to keep serving my local church faithfully while simultaneously sharing with others what he has taught me over the first six decades of my life. For this reason, I am available to preach and teach in times and ways that do not hinder my local ministry. For Event Options as well as a list of Scheduled Events, please see below.

Event Options

Single message on Respect the Image Themes
(Sunday AM or other contexts)

Workshops/In-Service Training Sessions

Teaching, training and consulting regarding communication for church, business, and para-church staffs)

Respect the Image Seminar/Conference
(For a broad audience)

-Four session seminar/conference (Friday-Saturday or just Saturday)


“Amazing conference. So many biblical truths were proclaimed! I truly appreciate the cultural awareness of the speaker…”

“Excellent presentation and easy to listen to. Practical examples were given that I can relate to. I look forward to practicing the helpful ideas covered with family and friends.”

“I am an addictions counselor and often teach anger management and communication styles. This information is an excellent addition to what I have previously taught. It will also be useful to me in my personal and work life.”

“…a perfect class for every relationship.”

“The Respect The Image seminar is an outstanding combination of practical ‘how to’s’ in communication, and sound theology and Gospel-centeredness.  In a culture that is becoming increasing polarized and shrill in its communication, this seminar gives a Gospel rich alternative…Biblical wisdom and personal stories [come] together in a winsome, practical, and enjoyable way – presenting real help and real hope” (WB-Pastor).


Enduring Love (A Marriage Seminar or Conference)

Format: Three-four session seminar/Conference

Content: either messages on the gospel intent as well as the roles and nature of marriage, or the RTI material adapted to marriage


“I’d definitely recommend taking this show on the road. To be honest, I didn’t really feel like getting up and coming on Saturday (this has nothing to do with you or Gayline, I promise!), but I’m so glad I did. Also, I don’t have any criticisms…The Lord used these few hours in wonderful ways for my wife and I. Thanks so much!”

“It was relationally refreshing-It was eminently practical-It was robustly theologicalAnd, you provided plenty of talking points for more conversations. Thanks for your investment into us.” —JH (pastor)

“I wanted to let you know that my wife and I loved the conference and think it would be great to offer it to other churches.  It was really well done with great content.  Great mix of the theology and the practical aspects of marriage.  Not sure I’d change anything – I just wish I would have been more intentional in rallying other people in our church to attend. Thanks so much for the time you gave us!” —SB (Pastor) 

“L-evation:  Lifting One Another above the Racial Divide”

(an RTI-based seminar introducing key aspects of racial dialogue and healing)


“Respect the Image:  Offering Teens and Twenty-Somethings the Keys to Meaningful Relationships”

(an RTI-based next generation teaching for seminar or youth camp settings)


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