For Our Youth

Proclaiming God’s might to the coming generation!

Welcome to our From My Youth page devoted to young people and children. We will use this platform to offer helpful insight for the challenges of faith that our young people (teens on up) face today. This will include an ongoing series of next-generation oriented reflections on the book of Ecclesiastes, called “Windchasers and Worshipers”. It will also include updates on our soon to be released children’s book, An ABC Prayer to Jesus, and lots more over time!

New Book Release Coming Spring 2021!

New Book Release Coming Spring 2021!

An ABC Prayer to Jesus: Praise for Hearts Both Young and Old. Reviewers’ words: “a delightfully engaging book, both visually and lyrically”, “explodes with meaning”, “combination of truth and art”, "Careful attention to truth, helping children and parents marvel at the beauty of God"  

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