Psalm 3 – Though Many Foes Are Gathered

by Timothy Shorey

“Let us [through this psalm] here recall…the innumerable host which beset our Divine Redeemer. The legions of our sins, the armies of [demonic] fiends, the crowd of bodily pains, the host of spiritual sorrows, and all the allies of death and hell, set themselves in battle against the Son of Man. O how precious to know and believe that he has routed their hosts, and trodden them down in his anger! They who would have troubled us he has removed into captivity, and those who would have risen up against us he has laid low. The dragon lost his sting when he dashed it into the soul of Jesus.” (C.H. Spurgeon)

Cardiphonia: Often, our Lord was surrounded by enemies, and he often cried for mercy and help with tears and groanings in the days of his flesh (that is: throughout his time on earth; see Heb. 5:7). Wherever he turned there were either enemies or fickle and failing friends. How lonely must his days have been! But he found courage in the delivering hand of God, his Father, so that even when he longed for another way other than the Cross, he did the will of God with humble and obedient faith (Luke 22:39-°©‐44; Phil 2:5-°©‐7). I can hear Jesus in this psalm, and I hope you can, too. But I also can hear me, and you, and all who are on pilgrimage through this strange and troubled place called planet earth. We often feel beset by hell and whatever the Prince of Darkness can fire in our direction. Human and hellish foes are everywhere. What a psalm to sing when it feels like they are closing in!

Tune: “Through the Love of God Our Savior” (“All Will Be Well”) (ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT)

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