Psalm 9 – Giving Thanks for Defeated Enemies

by Timothy Shorey

“With a holy resolution the songster begins his hymn; I will praise thee, O Lord. It sometimes needs all our determination to face the foe, and bless the Lord in the teeth of his enemies; vowing that whoever else may be silent we will bless his name. Here (in Psalm 9), however, the overthrow of the foe is viewed as complete, and the song flows with sacred fullness of delight. God’s presence is evermore sufficient to work the defeat of our most furious foes, and their ruin is so complete when the Lord takes them in hand, that even flight cannot save them, they fall to rise no more when he pursues them. We must be careful, like David, to give all the glory to him whose presence gives the victory. If we have here the exultings of our conquering Captain [the Lord Jesus Christ], let us make the triumphs of the Redeemer the triumphs of the redeemed, and rejoice with him at the total [overthrow] of all his foes.”  (C.H. Spurgeon)

Cardiphonia : This psalm speaks of God’s enemies falling into the traps that they themselves have set. This is divine sovereignty and irony combined. God loves to turn human and Satanic plans on their ear! Every hint that we find throughout the Psalms of evil being reversed and overcome is a foreshadowing of the coming Christ, who brought about the greatest reversal ever; turning the evil of the Cross into the redemption of the people of God (Acts 2:23-36). Our Lord Jesus is mighty to save—and in the end all those who refuse to remember God (Psa. 9:17) and repent of sin will know that they are but men (or devils) who cannot prevail against his Lordship and power (Psa. 9:19-20). King Jesus will reverse all evils, execute true judgment and make all things right.

* This term is derived from two Greek words—one meaning heart and the other meaning sounds or utterances. Thinking that he wouldn’t mind, I’ve borrowed the term from John Newton (author of Amazing Grace—and creator of his own hymnbook back in his 18th century days) to label my devotional reflections in which I share sounds and thoughts from my own heart that are prompted by each of the psalms—and the King whom they reveal. I hope that my Cardiphonia will be filled with personal hints for the life of faith, as well as observations about Jesus as well; both for your blessing, and for mine.



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