“Wind-Chasers and Worshipers: Getting Started”

by Timothy Shorey
December 2, 2020

Getting Started

There are two groups in the world: wind-chasers and worshipers. Those that grasp at empty air, and those who seek God. I’m sorry, but there aren’t any other options. And the truth is that you are living one of those two choices right now—and your whole life will be ruled by the one you choose to pursue. So please hear me out.

I’m starting a blog series to help young people who are trying to figure life out. Wind-Chasers and Worshipers: A Quest for Meaning will pump your head full of ideas worth thinking about. Based on the mysterious Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes—it’ll help you assess what you’re living for. We’ll peel back some layers of ancient wisdom, to find the simple core centering truth of life. Whoever you are and however many doubts you may have, I hope you’ll read along. I think you’ll be glad you did.

The Shorey Story

My quest began as a teenager when I threw away the faith that my parents gave me. Although I grew up in an authentic Christian home, I didn’t want my parents’ beliefs. At 14, I was an active unbeliever, speeding away from God in hot pursuit of self and sin. I wasn’t just bored with faith; I rejected it. I thought about unbelief. Wanted unbelief. Chose unbelief. Inwardly committed to unbelief. Did not believe any God existed; and did not want to believe.

Girls, sex, and pleasurable fun were more my thing. I had zero desire to serve my parents’ God, or any god at all. Secretly (in order to not freak my dad and mom out), I escaped into the world of pornography and lust whenever I could; and couldn’t wait to break the chains of their religious rules. Like many other young people, I wanted no part of my parents’ way of life. But unlike so many, this didn’t last.

A strange thing happened as I started my anti-God life. It never really got anywhere. Instead, a year later I became a believer; and eight years later I became a pastor. Suddenly, I was teaching and living the very things I hated so much before. And I still am, 45 years later. It hasn’t been easy. But it has been real.

Something happened that made me reject my unbelief, and choose instead, an all-in, radical faith. How did my spiritual GPS re-route me back to God? What shifted me from aggressive unbelief to life-long faith? What fired up my life of devotion, sacrifice, and hope? And what has kept it burning decades later—even though I’ve had floods of troubles along the way?

Short answer: My life changed when I experienced transcendence. That’s our big word for the day. It comes from two smaller Latin words; one meaning across and the other meaning climb. To transcend is to climb (or be lifted) up and across from normal everyday stuff to something higher and more amazing. What I discovered is that there is Somebody so great and amazing that he transcends this whole world; and he invites us to come on up and join him. And when I did that, I discovered the meaning of life—which is what I hope you will discover, too.

I want you to know all the above in case you’re struggling to believe. You are not alone. We’ve all been there. And if you are willing to question your questions and test your doubts, I think this series can help. I want to use some truth and testimony to set some solid ground under your feet.

Put simply, I’m an ordinary old guy who wants to show you that the best that life has to offer is an encounter with an extra-ordinary Being who really is what life is all about.

Where We’ll Go from Here

So I hope you’ll join me every other Wednesday as we explore some mysterious topics like:

-Chasing the Wind (which is what we’re doing when we look for happiness under the sun)

-The Trouble with Whyning (which is what we get into when we ask “Why?” with no God to answer).

-In Search of the Eternal Buzz (which is what everybody wants, but nobody has).

– Shark Tank Madness (which a constant pursuit of toys and treasures leads to).

– Religioso Rigormortis (which sets in when we get all churchy but have no heart).

– When Justice Just Isn’t (which happens all the time, and leaves us in a world of hurt).

-What Mirrors Won’t Tell (which is that–even if you Botox, diet, dye, pump, and paint until who you see in the mirror looks 20 years younger than you are–you’re not).

– Echoes of Eternity (which are signals that God has put “eternity into our hearts”, and once eternity’s there, nothing else can fill us.

– Mysterium Tremendum (which describes the coolest experience of life: reverent fear; the kind of fear that says “Wow! What or Who was that? Whoa!”

– Who’s the Boss? (which is my way of saying that God is; and that we find our freedom when we keep his rules).

– Glimpses of Eden (which are the everyday gifts that God gives us to touch, taste, hear, see, smell, and enjoy his goodness).

Come Back and See Us

We’re going to explore these one at a time. So come on back and see us every couple of weeks. I think you’ll be glad you did. BTW-feel free to leave comments and questions along the way!


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