Books by Timothy M. Shorey

Respect the Image

30/30 Hindsight

Worship Worthy 

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Respect the Image

Reflecting Human Worth in How We Listen and Talk

We humans talk a lot, so you’d think we’d be good at communicating with one another. But we’re not. And the result is hurt, misunderstandings, frustration, division, and sometimes all-out war. Yet whether we’re trying to repair a relationship, interact on social media, or understand someone whose beliefs differ from our own, there is hope in that the people around us bear God’s image. As we learn to treat them accordingly, our communication will become a powerful means of showing God’s love to them. Laying out eleven key principles for loving conversation, RTI guides readers to a memorable, scriptural approach to communication that can transform relationships.

“A focused and helpful plea for greater listening and learning in all our relationships.”

—Ruth Naomi Floyd, Vocalist; Lecturer on African-American Spirituals and Resident Artist, Temple University


“Expertly crafted, this rich biblical treatment of relational and racial unity is a blessing and an encouragement.”

—Diane Hunt, Counselor; Editor and Coauthor, Crossing the Jordan

“Helps us all precisely because Tim aims to make every truth transformative and every story connect to the truth.”

—Jeffrey S. Black, Professor and Chair of the Department of Counseling and Psychology, Cairn University

“I love this book by Tim Shorey! An excellent guide to communication and relationships, packed full of wisdom. The application for politics and ethnic understanding is especially valuable. This morning I was rereading favorite chapters, including ‘Nourish with Grace,’ ‘Celebrate Others,’ and ‘Think the Best.’”

—Jared Mellinger, Pastor, Covenant Fellowship Church, Glen Mills, PA, Author of Think Again: Relief from the Burden of Introspection and A Bright Tomorrow: How to Face the Future without Fear.

Review by Mike Seaver, Lead Pastor at Risen Hope Church

“On an average year, I read between forty and sixty books. Usually, there are one or two of those books that go on my “Reread” list. These are the books that were so meaningful and well written, that I want there teaching and training to inform a later season in my walk with God. Tim Shorey’s Respect the Image is one such book.

Tim writes with a unique style and a winsome quality that makes reading enjoyable. I’m not sure it would matter the topic to draw the reader in, but focusing on “reflecting human worth in how we listen and talk” is a fascinating topic in a cultural moment where many are running in opposite directions when it comes to political, social, and racial debates. Tim’s pastoral experience of planting a multi-ethnic church give an add a layer of the necessity, urgency, and wisdom of followers of Christ learn how to listen well. Hard and awkward conversations are necessary if we are going to love others the way Christ did.

Tim Shorey takes us by the hand to center us on the Gospel and then clarifies how the Gospel informs every part of the communication process in all spheres of life and relationship. His chapter by chapter acrostic of C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E slows you down to consider many of the complex dynamics that go into conversations, but also the joyful privilege of never speaking with a mere mortal.

The book ends with an Appendix called “G.R.A.C.E and Race Conversations: Guidelines for Difficult Group Discussions.” Simply put: It is a goldmine. Our church has already used these guidelines in our own racial reconciliation work in Charleston, SC.

Respect The Image will serve my church family and I think it will benefit yours as well. Put it on your list to read and then put it on your list to re-read.”

RELEASED January 23, 2019

30/30 Hindsight

30 Reflections on a 30-Year Headache

Here’s something I bet many of you wish you could say: I’ve only had one headache in the past 30 years. No lie. Just one headache in all those years! The trouble is that as of January 11, 2019, I have had that one headache for all those years. Every day, all-day with neither stop nor break nor relief. 30/30 Hindsight: 30 Reflections on a 30-Year Headache is a brief account of those years.

Aiming for brevity and simplicity, each reflection in this book is crafted into a 500 word reading. The goal is not to replace or even match more profound and comfort-rich books on suffering, but to be a whispering echo to their thundering truth. Perhaps through the experience of one, there might be grace for many. Perhaps in reading how another pilgrim through this hurting world has made it this far, sojourners like you might be encouraged to keep on going, yourself. Such is the hope and prayer with which this book has been written. 

30/30 Hindsight may be purchased directly from the author. Please email with questions.


“With an honesty that is refreshing and insightful, Tim gives us a sneak peak into a little discussed and very unpopular topic in our culture. Most would do just about anything to avoid suffering, but Tim offers a perspective that can’t be ignored. His walk with the Lord continues to teach him how to respond to suffering, not just react. He seamlessly relates scripture to the realities of this life. No matter what level of pain we experience in this life, his reflections give us insight into how to suffer well while we wait to hear “Well Done!” —Dionne

“I have read lots of books that are for people who suffer in different areas of life, but this book is by someone who has been, and still does, suffer daily. He speaks from the heart and it resonates. He does not try to give you a how-to-not-suffer formula, but instead shares the lessons he is learning from 30 years of a continual headache. I am going to share it with several friends. All pastors should have one for their bookshelves, to read and to share with their congregations.” —Wendy

“Looking for insight into living with NDPH and this has been invaluable. Just ‘celebrated’ my 2nd year of the same headache and have been looking for answers both physical and spiritual for what seems unbearably frustrating at times. Tim successfully shares his experience in a real way and after reading has given me a better perspective from someone who has traveled miles further than me. More importantly, he adds perspective from someone who has traveled further than him. With that said, this is a great booster shot for anyone going through a daily challenge be it physical or spiritual. It is NOT platitudes with rose colored glasses, he keeps it real from the highs to the lows which can happen daily. You don’t have to be a Christian to appreciate the humor and advice. Highly recommend – it is a fast read and laid out in 30 concise chapters. Very well distilled, unlike this review ;)’ —US67 Engineer

Worship Worthy

Alliterative Adoration

I wrote my initial draft of Worship Worthy in 26 days, as 26 consecutive Facebook posts. Inspiration was drawn from three sources. It began with a winsome model, Psalm 119; which is a marvelous piece of alliterative poetry. There are twenty-two sections in the Psalm, corresponding to the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet in which it was originally written. Each section is headed by a succeeding letter of the alphabet, and, to top it off, each verse in each section begins with that letter of the Hebrew alphabet. This shows us that whether for beauty’s sake alone, or as a memory aid (the motive is likely both), alliteration is a winsome divinely-inspired, God-sanctioned artistic teaching device. 

I was also affected by a wondrous title. Jesus is called “the Alpha and Omega” (Revelation 1:8); Alpha and Omega being the Greek equivalents to our “A” and “Z”. This wonderful title declares the stunning truth that Jesus is sovereign over history; the cause and climax of it all. This became my motivation to adore from A to Z.

And finally, my inspiration derived from a wonderful Person. Once my heart was taken up into the duo-theme of the Person and Work of Christ, I did not want to stop. When “Z” arrived my heart sank. But then it occurred to me to turn my rather hastily crafted Facebook entries into something more substantial and enduring. This book is the result.

Worship Worthy may be purchased directly from the author. Please email with questions


“Thank you, thank you for the privilege of reading your manuscript. I really love [it]. Your writing is so deep, rich, winsome and readable. My spirit soared as I read” —Susan Hunt, author of Big Truths for Little Kids: Teaching Your Children to Live for God and My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God’s Word in Little Hearts.

“…I think this is brilliant work. This correlates with a recent rising appreciation for spoken-word and hip-hop in the YRR world, and in the wake of that trend I think there’s a new appreciation for quick, punchy biblical truth like this very thing…Bottom line: I love this, brother” —Tony Reinke, Senior Writer for Desiring God Ministries, author of Twelve Ways Your Phone is Changing You and Lit! A Christian guide to Reading Books.

“While no one can improve upon the gospel, we can tell it in ways that helpfully highlight its bold beauty, lavish love, matchless mercy, and all-surpassing power. Tim Shorey has done just that in Worthy Worship, a book I am delighted to recommend both for the mind and the heart. Through the effective and creative use of alliteration, Tim enables us to see connections in the gospel story that we might have missed or become familiar with. As a result, you’ll be drawn to a fresh appreciation for God’s mercy and grace that have come to us in Jesus Christ. Whether you read it to learn or be inspired, Worthy Worship is sure to feed and encourage your soul”
—Bob Kauflin, Director of Sovereign Grace Music, author of Worship God.

“We can often gain new appreciation for truth when it is presented in a fresh way…Tim uses alliteration to describe the glories of Christ, which I have never seen anyone else do. Some of Tim’s writings are set to poetic meter; others are free-flowing, yet the alliteration gives it all a poetic effect. As a pastor, Tim packs a lot of wonderful biblical truth into these elegant pieces, which will help you meditate on the glories of our Savior in a unique way” —Mark Altrogge, Pastor, Songwriter.