A Virgin Birth and the Big Bang

by Timothy Shorey
December 24, 2020

There can be no denying that the birth of Jesus through the humble virgin named Mary ranks as a miracle of the first order. That a child could be conceived without two parents is not the way it normally happens! But that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t have happened. If there is a God, then everything is possible. Actually, everything is easy.

Of course the virgin birth would be impossible if there is no God. But then, if you think about it: the whole universe would be impossible if there is no God.

This is where today’s skeptic-unbeliever has a hard time being consistent. One wonders why cynical people who deny that one small Baby could be born without a father are often the very same people who assert that the whole universe was born without a Creator. They are often the very same ones who believe in an un-Caused big bang; an unguided explosion of the universe into being without any Creator-God making it happen.

Skeptics miss the point that to deny the existence of a transcendent Creator God is to believe that ultimately the universe came into existence, literally out of nothing. But such would be a miracle far more unbelievable—indeed impossible—than a Virgin birth would ever be. In fact, it would be a “miracle” that could not happen; for absolute nothingness can produce absolutely nothing.

It is entirely out of the realm of any possibility at all that with a big bang, the universe with all of its design, beauty, order, majesty, power, wonder, and bountiful goodness—came into existence out of nothing, with no help or Cause or Causer making it happen. If there ever was a time when nothing existed, then nothing is all that will ever exist. Nothing will produce nothing, every time.

Yet those whole deny the virgin birth as impossible will claim the big bang as certain. Let me be very clear in response: to deny the virgin birth of Christ as an impossibility but then assert the out-of-nothing birth of the universe, hints at a kind of denial; a suppression of truth about a God that people know must exist, but do not want to face or obey.

The truth is this: there is a Creator God who made all that is, and Who, around 2,000 years ago, overshadowed Mary with his power in such a way as to create in her womb a baby who was God in a body–and that Baby is the Savior of the world.

O come, let us not deny him, but adore him.



  1. Anthony W. Hurst Sr.

    Praise God, Tim!!! This started off my morning focused again on the wonder if God!!!!!!!

  2. Anthony W. Hurst Sr.

    “…on the wonder of God.”

    • Timothy Shorey

      Grateful to hear it! Good to hear from you Anthony! May you and yours be filled with joy this Holy Season!


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