Psalm 20 – May the Lord Answer While in Your Distress

by Timothy Shorey

Today’s Reading: Psalm 20

Spurgeon Comment

“If David had not been vexed with wars, we might never have been favored with such psalms as this. [Sometimes] there is a need for the trials of one saint, that he may yield consolation to others. A happy people here plead for a beloved sovereign, and with loving hearts cry to Jehovah, ‘God save the King”… We need but a moment’s reflection to perceive that this hymn of prayer is prophetical of our Lord Jesus, and is the cry of the ancient church on behalf of her Lord, as she sees him in vision enduring a great fight of afflictions on her behalf. The militant people of God, with the great Captain of salvation at their head, may still in earnest plead that the pleasure of the Lord may prosper in his hand.” (C.H. Spurgeon)

Our Devotional

This psalm has layers of application. First, it has long been one of my favorite psalms for its full-hearted benediction love for others—for those who are citizens in the Messiah’s kingdom, and destined themselves for a throne. What a song to sing in each other’s presence and for each other’s sake.

Second, everything you could ever desire or ask for—everything to which this psalm refers—is yours in Christ. You have every spiritual blessing in the Messiah (Ephesians 1:3); since he ever lives to intercede for you—asking the Father for every good gift that you could possibly want.  So let us sing this intercessory supplication over each other in the full certainty that he is praying and securing it all in our behalf!

Third, our psalm is also about the King’s own success. Our Messiah King receives all he desires, and is the final Victor who will share the spoils with us. He will stand when all others fall, and we will stand in him.




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