A Psalter Pause

A Psalter Pause If you’ve been looking for the latest additions to the Shorey Psalter, we’ve had to be on pause for a bit. Our psalter team has run into a season of excessive busyness and have had to put things on hold until further notice. Stay tuned for when we...

Psalm 24 – The King of Glory

“’Who is this King of glory?’ is a question full of meaning and worthy of the meditations of eternity. Who is he in person, nature, character, office and work? What is his pedigree? What his rank and what his race? The answer given in a mighty wave of music is, ‘The...

Psalm 23

Reading: Psalm 23 Our Comments: Few of the psalms are more well known than, or affecting as, Psalm 23. People by the many millions the world over have either read or heard these comforting words that ultimately are about our Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus Christ. While...
New Book Release Coming Spring 2021!

New Book Release Coming Spring 2021!

An ABC Prayer to Jesus: Praise for Hearts Both Young and Old. Reviewers’ words: “a delightfully engaging book, both visually and lyrically”, “explodes with meaning”, “combination of truth and art”, "Careful attention to truth, helping children and parents marvel at the beauty of God"  

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